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Property, Assets and Liabilities on Death - Probate and Administration Intestate of the Estate of a Deceased Person.

Posted on January 11, 2011 at 10:18 AM

What happens to Property, Assets and Liabilities when someone dies?

Probate and Administration Intestate of the Estate of a Deceased Person.

Dealing with the property, assets and liabilities of a deceased loved one can be a complicated and daunting process at a time of bereavement. Although it is possible to handle the administration of a deceased person’s estate yourself through the Personal Probate section of the Probate Office many people choose to engage the services of a solicitor to minimize stress and hassle at a difficult time. Patrick M. Martin Solicitors will handle the process of making the obligatory return to the Revenue, drafting the necessary documents for the High Court Probate Office and Administering the Assets and Liabilities of the Estate once the Letters of Administration have issued from the High Court.
Here are some useful links from the Revenue Commissioners and the Citizens Information Board: (click on IT41)

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